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  Born the son of an architect, owner/modelmaker Paul Robilotti
was always acutely aware of form and structure and impressed by the importance of texture and detail. At the age of nine, as a Student of
Roberson Center of the Arts in Binghamton, New York, Paul enrolled in a jewelry making class. His upbringing in an architectural milieu provided endless inspiration for this precise art form. By the time
Paul reached high school he was a showcase designer at the national jewelry store, Keepsake Diamond, where his work was prominently exhibited in their Binghamton store. Upon Graduation from high school he entered the Fashion lnstitute of Technology in New York City to perfect his craft.

  Since then, Paul has worked behind-the-scenes for many of New York City's most accomplished design houses on Madison Ave, Seventh Ave. and in the 47th St. Diamond District. As a model maker, Paul designed, styled and built prototypes for such esteemed names as De Beers, Judith Leiber, Liz Claiborne and artist Peter Max.
The art community has also embraced Paul's work. He has collaborated with the Nahan Galleries in New Orleans and the Aaron Faber Gallery in New York City. Among his collector clients include the notable former President Ronald Reagan, Woopie Goldberg and Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones.
Location: New York, NY, U.S.A.
Tel.: (607) 729-7333