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  Art is the focal point of my life and nothing brings me greater joy. My passion for art has been with me for as long as I can remember. As a small child I began to express myself through painting
and drawing. That life long love of painting, drawing and sculpting
is reflected in the wide range of work that I create. It has led me
to a successful career as a wax carver, model maker and jewelry designer.

 With 29 years of experience as a wax carver and master model maker, I am able to gracefully translate client sketches and photos into custom designed wax carvings and master models.

  My jewelry design clients include Alfred Levitt and Sons, C. Priolo and many others. I was the First Place Winner of the Tahitian Trophy Competition for North America Earrings Division.
I have created wax models for many clients including:
  Glen Lehrer, Janet Alix, St. Eliguis, Steve Douglas,
        Cristie Franz and Peter Kalina.
  I have made models for pieces used in several movies such as:
The Truman Show - a ring for Jim Carrey, Independence Day - a dolphin ring, Wild Wild West - the mesmerizer and some other spider props.

  I work in many media including wax, clay, wood, plaster, stone and cast paper. My master models for snow villages, porcelain objects, dolls, toys and gifts are beautifully detailed.

  And, of course, I guarantee my workmanship..
Location: Mill Velley, CA, U.S.A.