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  Cheryl began her career with an apprenticeship to a
wax master modelmaker. This company produced master
models in wax and metal for jewelry companies worldwide.
This training has enabled Cheryl to create technically
difficult, precise wax models. In addition, her artistic abilities
include sculpting life-like animals, sealife, and much more.

  She has given workshops at several florida colleges in the past
and loves the challenge of teaching to a group. She's given demonstrations to different metalsmithing groups, and trained 
serious students one-on-one. The teaching aspect has always been very gratifying aspect of her career.

  Her business, Cheryl Lombard Designs has gained a reputation
for quality workmanship and trustworthy business ethics. Many jewelers, having great faith in her abilities, send her their loose stones for her to design something of her own choosing. She finds their trust in her to be the ultimate tribute to her as an artist, and as a person.
Location: Gainesville, FL, U.S.A.
Tel.: 1-352-264-8999