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Hello, I am a professional jewelry model maker & designer working for the Toronto’s jewellery manufacturers for more than 20 years. I’ve graduated George Brown College three years jewellery arts diploma program with gold medal and honors
in 1998. Since then I worked for various fine jewelry manufacturers in Toronto including such well known ones as Canadian Birks and American Tiffany jewelry companies as a freelance model-maker.
 I have exhibited my works in galleries and got several awards such as the Canadian Jewellers Association Award of Excellence, Gerry Bitter & Marvin Gerstein Award for Outstanding Achievement
and the Imperial smelters & Refining Co. of Canada Award for Excellence and Expertise.
 Currently I continue to work at my studio making all kinds of jewllery models & wax carvings from people to animals, primarily for  jewellery manufacturers in downtown Toronto, Canada.
 At my free time I prefer to read books and try to progress spiritually, living a meaningful life. I also enjoy sculpting,
web design and get inspired by the achievements of creative artists of the past.   
Location: Toronto, ON, Canada.